Life Lessons

Turning 30 Manifesto

Turning 30 is a huge deal for me. A lot of milestones will take place the year I turn 30 – getting married, moving out of my parent’s house and preparing to raise my husband  a family.

I will not be turning 30 until quarter two of 2019. And all the above-mentioned events will take place months before my actual 30th birthday. So that makes me almost 30 as of writing this manifesto.

Almost 30, not sure if ready.

Now, that could be a good tagline of this blog, right?

It is not really turning 30 that scares me or most of the people who will turn 30. What’s unsettling is the transition from being a somewhat-independent adult to be a fully independent one. To fully understand where I’m coming from, here’s a bit of a background of our culture here in the Philippines.

The concept of being independent here usually happens only when a person leaves their home either to work on a different place or upon marriage. If we are not yet married or our work places are still close to our homes – we will continuously live with our folks. Hence the somewhat-independent adult tag.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, even when already married, Filipino families tend to still live together. It’s not uncommon to see three generations of a family under one roof.

I am not saying that others have a better culture than us. Based on different sources, this level of anxiety and excitement is usually experienced by an 18-year-old from another country whereas we experienced it usually a bit late over here.

Which brings me to the heart of why I started Living My 30s.

I wanted to document the months leading to my 30th and all the crazy stuff that would come with it. I also wanted to to build a community of young adults that can find someone to relate to, wherever they are.

And I wanted to be inspired to live life.

This season of our lives is not just the years where we will work, tend to our families and all of that but a time to also, really, truly live it. And not just our 30s but even through our 40’s, 50’s onward. 

To all those who can relate fully or in some way, here is our Turning 30 Manifesto.

1. We will take care of ourselves first and foremost.

Whether it is eating healthier, allotting time to exercise or paying attention to our mental health, we promise to be more aware of what our body and mind is telling and/or feeling.

At our age, it is easy to ignore ourselves especially when we start being responsible for the life of other persons. But, it is good to remember that we also have our limitations. And we cannot give what we don’t even have.

2. We will never stop learning and growing.

Once you stop learning, you start dying. – Albert Einstein

Not only will we age, the environment where we are part of will also age and eventually change. The knowledge we have today may already be ancient in 10 years’ time.

By educating ourselves, we will be able to continually adapt and stay relevant to the world we are in.

Read books, articles. Learn a new hobby or enroll in a new class. Watch the news, be in social media if you can. Listen to the wisdom of the elder but accept that you can also learn from those that are younger than you.

3. We will stop the blame game.

There is an expiration date for blaming our parents, our friends or other persons on how we turn out in this lifetime.

And while these people and the environment we are part of will really have a lasting impact on who we are, time will come that we should start owning up on how our life turned out to be.

There are decisions that have already been decided for us but there are a ton of other matters that we will eventually be fully responsible for.

4. We will invest in quality purchases.

If we have the means, we will start to invest in better quality purchases. It may be a bit expensive than what we are used to but if it can benefit us for a long time, then that is a good buy.

5. We will balance the things and persons we say Yes and No to.

Some people say yes often, while some say no more frequently.

People who say yes more experience different adventures but may lead them to unnecessary exhaustion.

On the other hand, people who says more no than yes may have a simpler life but may have hindered them to see the world from a different perspective.

As such, we will learn to be wise on the things, experiences, person and responsibilities we will say Yes or No to. And we will let our yes be yes and our no, be no. We will commit to our yes and no.

6. We will not take for granted our relationships.

Our 30s may be our time to be fully adult but while we are still here on Earth, we must bear in mind that we will always need other  people.

Our partner, our family, friends, workmates, our neighbors. We will never be 100% independent because we don’t have all that we need in life. As such, it is vital to never alienate ourselves and forget the people around us.

Have a date night with your spouse at least once a week. Visit your parents. Have dinner with your friends. Collaborate with your work mates. Do something for your community.

Not only do we need these people in our lives, but you never know that they also need us.

7. We will strive to make this world a better place.

This may sound ambitious, but I believe that the reason humans continue to exist is we have some part of the world to improve. It may not put our names in history, but it could save or improve the life of even just one child. Just one group of people.

Whichever it is, we have an innate responsibility to leave the corner of the world where we are in, a better place once our time is up.

8. We will put the Lord Jesus at the center of our lives.

A huge part of living my 30s is to live the life that God intended and called me to lead. You may be thrown off by this statement but I stand with this, before, now and in the years to come.

I have lot of personal agenda to handle, but I am convinced that if I put the Lord’s agenda over mine, He will take care of the things and persons I also care for.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. – Matthew 6:33

There are two ads that resonated to me this year – Olay’s 30, So What? and SK-II’s The Expiry Date ad. SK-II talks more about the struggles of a single woman hitting her 30s and how society pressures her to find a husband before “she expires”. 

I related better to the Olay ad. I used to believe that I should figure out all aspects of life before turning 30. But I realized that there are only areas of life that I will be able to figure out before 30.

And even then, the things that I think I have already figured out can even change. Not yet counting the many, many things I will just encounter at this stage in my life.

These statements form my personal Turning 30 Manifesto. I realized how utterly important this is as we start this scary, exciting, challenging phase of life. Regardless if you’re turning 20, 30, 40 or even more. 

Here’s to fellow would-be-30s! To the person wanting to be more accountable of his life. Or the person who believes that he can start anew regardless of his age. Here’s to living our best years yet!

Vowing to live my 30s onward,